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If you install a Windows Failover cluster using IPv6, you will get a dynamic IPv6 address as the standard failover clustering management tools only support dynamic IPv6 addresses. If you live in Microsoft Wonderland (a mythical land without any firewalls) this is fine, but for the rest of us, this is kind of impractical. We need a static address.


Run this script to add a static address. Then you have to find and remove the dynamic address. You can do this in Failover Cluster Manager or through powershell, but you have to identify it first so I cannot script it for you.

The script defaults to the Cluster Group resource group, but you can do the same for say a SQL Server instance or any other cluster group with IP addresses and network names.

#Add a static IPv6 address to the cluster group and Network name specified
$IPv6Name="IP Address $IPv6" #Do not change this line
$Group= "Cluster Group"
$NetworkName = "Cluster Name"
Add-ClusterResource -name $IPv6Name -ResourceType "IPv6 Address" -Group $Group
Get-ClusterResource -Name $IPv6Name | Get-ClusterParameter
Get-ClusterResource -Name $IPv6Name | Set-ClusterParameter -Multiple @{"PrefixLength" = "64";"Address"= $IPv6}
Get-ClusterResource -Name $IPv6Name | Start-ClusterResource
Stop-ClusterResource $NetworkName
Add-ClusterResourceDependency $IPv6Name -Resource $NetworkName
Start-ClusterResource $NetworkName

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