Getting rid of that pesky Store Icon


Fore some reason, the Store Icon comes back to haunt you every time you restart. That is, it stays pinned to the task bar no matter what, and if you un-pin it, like a zombie it will rise from the grave as soon as you reboot…


This is probably a scheme to make us buy more of those stupid “modern” apps. Not that there aren’t useful apps, but they are few and far between. Anyways, the point is to get rid of the icon. I could of course disable the store altogether, but I just want it out of my way and off my lawn –eh, taskbar.


The good people of Microsoft has finally given us a proper option to get rid of it.  Salvation comes in the form of a GPO called “Do not allow pinning Store app to the Taskbar”. The wording is such as to make us believe that it is all our fault to begin with, but no matter, lets just remove it.

The GPO is hidden in User Configuration under Policies, Administrative Templates,Start Menu and Taskbar:


Set it as enabled and deploy it to your users as best fits you. If you are looking to make this change on you own local computer without a domain, just start gpedit.msc to edit your local policy.