Changelog TS Tools Stats


[Bugfix] Corrected some annoying bugs in stats, some of the buttons in Temp/Hum and Folder G was not working as expected.

[Change] Refresh button loads overview even if overview autoload is disabled.

[New] Added Temp/Hum and folder G as possible overview graphs


  • [New] TempLogger Service Control (change settings and control service status)
  • [New] Option for hiding humidity data on Temp/Hum tab
  • [New] Exchange 2010 support in StatsCollector
  • [Change] Correct header on FolderG and Folder tabs


  • [New] Folder usage tab split into Folder group and single folder stats


  • [New] Folder usage category
  • [New] TempLogger service
  • [Change] Graph line name added to some tooltips


  • [Change] Changed TempLogger to prepare for “headless” collector, that is running as a scheduled task or service.
  • [New] Added mean calculation to TempLogger. Data is now written to the database at 15 minute intervals, calculating the mean value of the data collected during that time. The data displayed in the collector is not the mean values, but the last data collected.
  • [New] Messages are written to the event log instead of the results window. (Run as administrator first time to create the LCS TS Tools log if it doesn’t exist)


  • [New] Added support for TemperHum environmental sensors from PCSensor/RDING providing temperature and relative humidity.


  • [Change] log file location changed to improve Windows 7 compatibility. Logs are now created in “%APPDATA%\LCS\TS Tools\Stats”.
  • [Change] Collector requests elevation (manifest changed)

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