Changelog TS Tools Modules

5.0.44 [Permissionwrangler]

  • Bugfix: Take ownership gave security errors in some cases even  when the user has the appropriate permissions.

5.0.44 [Roundup]

  • New: Testing multithreading on compost


  • Change: Added multithreading to improve display update

5.0.36 [Roundup]

  • Change: Optimized memory consumption for large folders
  • New: Added Take Ownership function to profile roundup

5.0.34 [PermissionWrangler]

  • Bugfix: Some small GUI bugs corrected

5.0.33 [PermissionWrangler]

  • New: New interface for PermissionWrangler. PermissionWrangler is a collection of functions for automating manipulation of folder ownership and permissions. It lets you assign and correct permissions and ownership on a folder containing users home folders, as well as manipulating the ownership of individual folders. It will take over ownership of the folder, enable permission inheritance and assign ownership and full control permissions to the specified user or users.

5.0.31 [AD]

  • New: Function to add thumbnailPhoto to users in AD. This property is used by Lync and Exchange 2010.

5.0.30 [Roundup]

  • Bugfix: User and folder names were case sensitive. This sauced problems when the folder was named UserA and the user usera. Both folder and user names are now converted to upper case before comparison.
  • Bugfix: Some users were not loaded from AD due to missing department and/or given name properties. These errors are now ignored, and sAMAccountname is the only required property.
  • Bugfix: Gui resize did not work as expected, this is now fixed.
  • Change: Ignore contacts when loading objects from AD, only users are loaded.

5.0.23 [QuickQuery]

  • Bugfix: additional error handling added to Save button
  • Change: text alignment in results table is now top left.
  • New: “Copy Record” function. This button creates a new query with the same settings as the current query, but with Query Name and Server name blank.
  • New: Displays wait cursor when query is running.

5.0.22 [QuickQuery]

  • New: text wrap option in run window

5.0.21 [QuickQuery]

  • Change: default query list sort to Query name, ascending

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