TS Tools Modules

Use of all TS Tools modules require a license unless otherwise specified. Some modules require an activated license file to launch. Most modules can be destructively. We take no responsibility for data loss or any other unfortunate events caused by the use of TS Tools.

This page contains a brief intro to each module. See the manual for more information.

TS Tools Suite main module

Maintains the data files and contain some sub-modules not yet moved to a separate module.

TS Tools Stats

In late 2009 we created a statistics and monitoring package for MS Exchange server 2003. We later added disk storage monitoring to the package, and in the first half of 2010 we had it running nicely in production. The Stats package is somewhat tailor made for the environments it is running in, and as of 2011 no manual exists. We are planning to create a version supporting MS Exchange 2010, bypassing 2007. Currently we use it for monitoring Exchange 2003, Windows 2003/2008R2 file servers and MS SQL servers (2000-2008R2).

Separate module, using the full MSSQL database engine due to the amounts of data collected. A dedicated database server is recommended.

TS Tools AD

Look up objects in Active Directory, translate SID to name and vice versa, lists members of a group included members in nested groups. Integrated with the main module.

TS Tools Roundup

Search for user folders that are not in use. Here, a user folder is any folder whose name is the same as the username associated with it. Also lists folders whose owner SIDs are dead, that is, does not translate to a user account due to the account being deleted. Integrated with the main module.

TS Tools Ninja

Searching for folders and files that the user running the program is unable to access. Used for finding and correcting permission errors.

TS Tools LogCrusher

Compressing and deleting log files to avoid server crash due to the disk filling up with log files. Developed for WWW servers, but useful for any application that permits the log files to be deleted while it is running.

TS Tools Registry

This module is a combination of the v4 registry modules. It has two main functions, Check and Write. Check is used to check all active servers for the existence and content of a specific registry value. Write will create or update the contents of a given value.

Some registry macros check more than one value. TS Tools will check if the key exists, and if so check if the value exists and list its content.

TS Tools QuickQuery


TS Tools Eventlog Search

This module is used to scan the event log on all active servers for specific events. Each server is searched in a separate thread to speed things up. Search speed depends on network load, server load, message age and the size of the log in question.

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